• Expand your network with several networking opportunities at the event!
  • Over 80 healthcare professionals met in Berlin in October 2013!
  • Is it possible to visualize Rethinking Healthcare 2013 in one Big Picture? It Is!
    Thanks to all speakers, attendees and our graphic recorder for making the summit that colourful again!

Are you ready to embrace innovation?

2 days of future insights and networking with delegates from 20+countries


- Breaking up the value chain – challenges ahead

- Friend or foe? Compete or collaborate? Meeting the new entrants

- Bigger Data, better healthcare? How Big Data will revolutionise the entire industry

- Wearable Tech – Just a red-herring or the future of healthcare?


360° PERSPECTIVE – Meet thought-leaders and innovation experts
The conference will exclusively bring together: CEOs, General Managers, Directors, leaders and experts of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

Free download: The first drawing of agenda as PDF

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Breaking news in the world of healthcare: Novartis and Google team up to develop a “smart” contact lens that shall help diabetics track their blood sugar levels. Is this first official marriage between Big Pharma and Big Data a significant milestone for future business models? Do we have to rethink our definition of healthcare? With this survey we aim to draw a picture of the general expectations concerning future healthcare.

Join the debate and let us know what you think. Refresh your mind with a five minute break and win one of five free tickets for this year’s “Rethinking Healthcare” summit.

Your answers and personal datas will be treated as confidential. An anonymised report of the results will be published. The survey is open until 15 August 2014. Thank you very much for your support. All winners will be notified by e-mail.

Download Post conference report 2013 for free

The international summit „Rethinking Healthcare“ in Berlin on 24 and 25 October 2013 was once again a most energetic source of information and inspiration for decision makers, business developers, innovators and entrepreneurs committed in healthcare. This Post Report is a detailed summary of the debates taking place at the conference. Download the report now!